K-9 Bed Bug Detection

Our Mission

To assist property owners, property managers and homeowners to establish a bed bug management program with the assistance of K-9 inspections.

By implementing an efficient and accurate inspection with our well-trained and maintained K-9 teams, whether you may have bed bug introduction or an infestation, your pro-active response has begun.

Our Process

  • Assess the threat and challenges of an introduction or infestation.
  • Help establish the baseline of bed bug exposure.
  • Pinpoint locations to establish an area remediation plan.
  • Document alerted areas with comprehensive reporting.
  • Maintain a detailed log to identify future tendencies and trends.
  • Provide follow-up inspections to qualify efficacy of treatments.


Bed Bug K9 Detection

How The K-9 Scent Detection Works

Dogs live in an entirely different scent world than we do. They are profoundly affected by odors we cannot detect. The dog's ability to perceive scent is so far beyond a human's ability, it is difficult for us to comprehend. 

In the natural state the dog's sense of smell, olfaction is used to obtain data important to its survival. It is in dogs' genes to pay attention to odors for which they associate negative or positive consequences. Using this capacity, it is possible to engineer their experience to modify or shape their behavior to detect any scent.

A carefully developed and administered training program imprints a scent signature or profile with the canine. This is done and reinforced daily with positive reinforcement and incentives. For our canine Ace, that incentive or reward is a treat. Ace is praise and treat driven. Ace is not a food reward Canine. Dogs perform poorly when hungry and  sugar levels are low. 

A canine  is not a silver bullet as many claim.