Hybrid Heat a content management program

D-Bug Box

 Hybrid Heat- an all Green bed bug treatment

-A Chemical Free Content Management Program-

A Versatile, Economical Chemical Free Solution For Eliminating Bed Bugs From Personal Content.  Bed bug Free couches, beds , clothing , books, suite cases etc...

B R Pro Services has partnered with Storage Solutions and PODS® to give furniture rental businesses, hotels, university housing, assisted living facilities, homeowners, property managers and tenants the ability to have an all green bedbug remediation program for their building contents or personal belongings.

 A industry leading, all green  service for bed bug elimination. Hybrid heat can be used as supplement to a traditional chemical treatment , a Cryonite treatment, steam or as a stand alone solution. It's ideal for eliminating all stages of bed bugs on the following items while chemicals are applied to permitted areas.

  • Furniture - Both wood and upholstered, treat carcass send drawers with clothing
  • Clothing & Shoes - Even items that are dry clean only
  • Library books, Books & Paper Records - Including file cabinets and library books
  • Decorative Furnishings - Including clocks and even appliances
  • Mattresses - box springs, comforters, bed skirts, draperies, and headboards
  • Retail Store Merchandise- stay all green with your treatments of retail goods
  • Office Equipment - Including furniture, cubicle modules, files and electonics 

How It Works

Go Green and don't allow clients to throw away bedding, furniture, sofas, books, clothing, books and other property that has become infested or exposed to bed bugs. Place almost any item into the container we deliver to you and we'll heat treat your items at our off-site treatment center, killing all bed bugs and eggs even those hiding deep inside upholstered pieces and certifying all items bed bug free.Our Hybrid kills bed bugs and their eggs on any piece of furniture and personal property able to be heated! Ideal for dorm rooms,nursing homes and hospitals.



Drop Off

We bring the storage units to your property, no matter what size or quantity. You are then able to move infested or suspected items into the unit on your schedule.

Pick Up

After you've loaded your items into the unit, we return promptly for pick up and transport to our treatment center. Our specially trained team members will care for all your belongings as if they were our own.


The mobile container or trailer is placed inside the heat chamber.We carefully unload the contents from each unit inside the chamber. The 6000 cubic foot chamber  can reach lethal temperatures within 60 minutes .The container used to move your items as well as the content  are all heated and certified bed bug free.  Our chamber is efficient enough and can easily do multiple treatments in a day.


Once the treatment process is complete, we place your items back into the storage unit . The container is shipped  back to you bed bug free on a day and time that works for you.