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Bed Bug and Bat Bug Photos and Facts


Some facts about k9 detection and bed bug elimination.


Bedbug 101 -Have questions about bed bugs or bed bug treatments. Some answers to frequently asked questions about bed bugs and tips for identifying them. Looking for more information. Please contact us. Learn More

K-9 Detection



Many embelish the abilities of this great tool and It is not the silver bullet that many promote. A canine can be one of many ways to identify a bed bug problem. 

A canine detection team is one of many  early detection tools . Early detection  is a  component of a complete bed bug management plan.  Our dog, Ace can crawl into tight spaces and seek out bed bugs and detect activity with pinpoint accuracy. Canine detection is a valuable tool and can enhance a
traditional visual inspection. Learn More

Heat Treatment 

Propane or Electic Services 


 OSHA and local fire ordinances followed.

An all Green Heat Treatment processes- Propane or electric, kill all life stages of bed bugs, eggs to adult, and is an all green, safe and effective service.  Our structural, Hybrid and Heat Chamber Heat Treatments all  involve our unique Convection Remediation Optimization process. Bed bug elimination.  This methodology allows for complete penetration into all the cracks and crevices where bed bugs can hide and chemicals can't always reach.  Learn More

Hybrid Heat - Heat Chamber 



Don't  Bag It, Treat it!

 Pittsburgh's only Content Management Program for Bedbugs. An all green, chemical-free, 100% bed bug elimination process. Hybrid Heat can be an add on remediation process or a content management program. As an all Green way of the elimination of bed bugs in personal content. Hybrid heat  can address high content levels inside infested spaces. From Hoardering situations,  second and third generation families under the same roof. This process provides complete elimination of live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs from personal belongings -- a truly dynamic solution to treating the contents of a room as a stand alone service or a complementing service .  Learn More

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B R Pro Services - Structural Heat Treatments, Content Management-Hybrid heat, Bed Bug Detection.

 B R Pro Services is Pittsburghs #1 heat treatment and remediation specialist. Improving the health of our community and tri state area by setting the standard of excellence in the research ,design, development of equipment and procedures for an all green bed bug elimination progam. The only  Pittsburgh based company leading the bed bug elimination industry with the a chemical free solution to bed bug elimination. If a Pest Control Company please inquire today to find out how we can help start reducing or eliminate pesticides from your current bed bug control process .If a landlord or tenant. Inquire today and find out how we can partner and develop an efficient, effective remediation program with a minimal impact to the environment and maximum effect on the elimination of bed bugs. An invitation to talk with you about our services will be an honor. It is a great day to start Green.


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